October 2018.

Despite EXCESSIVE rainfall during March and April there is little difference to the water in the GRR this October 2018 to last October 2017 (which had normal to moderate rainfall).


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July 2018

From these visual records it appears that even when the catchment area has a ‘normal’ rainfall the Ruaha river can no longer attain a bank to bank flow but merely manages a constant trickle. 

This is an extremely alarming development.

October 2017

There are dead Hippos lying in pools in the Ruaha River from lack of water, and anthrax, but incredibly, despite the fact that the paddies upstream from Ruaha lie idle from May to November, they are filled with water!  This precious resource is evaporating away in the blaring sunshine with nobody benefiting, save the clouds.

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July 2017

The question is this: although the river flow for 2016/2017 was the lowest wet season flow for many years, now in July we see a lower than normal flow which appears not to be any different to flows we observed this time last year. Despite the fact that last year, due to massive rainfall (2015/2016) we saw record high flows during the wet season.

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April 2017

The day has arrived when we can no longer pretend that the river issue is not really a problem. 

Do we want Ruaha National Park or don’t we? That is the question Tanzania needs to ask.

We are on the brink of losing something very precious indeed.

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View and download my latest update by clicking on the image or title. Despite massive flows this past wet season, with unprecedented flooding, the river still dried up on the 29th of October 2016.

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