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School trips

Annual school trips into to the park are run for the standard 6 pupils from 6 of the primary schools outside the park. This amounts to around 600 students each year. To date we have brought over 8,000 students to Ruaha National Park for a day visit to show them their wonderful wildlife asset.

Makifu Library

We funded the construction of this library at the Makifu village primary school. A generous donation of school text books were delivered in 2016. Support for the library is ongoing.

Mkuyu Guide School

The key focus of Mkuyu Guiding School is maintaining a bush school setting, providing an outdoor learning environment based on real life experiences that foster knowledge and appreciation of the land, and its plants and animals.


Mkuyu Guiding school was started by a young man called Leonard Fidelis. He saw a need for hands-on practical courses to be made available to the average Tanzanian. He started out by making himself available to anyone who needed help in this area. We first met him in 2013 when we employed him to help us train up our Maasai guides for the cultural tourism program. Since then we have supported the guide school financially, provided equipment and have organized trips into the Park.


In his school classes take place outdoors under a grass roof banda, as do meal and study times. Accommodation is simple - tents beneath grass roofed bandas. This means that students spend a significant amount of time outside in close contact with nature. Such experience is priceless, developing keen skills and knowledge of the bush alongside a deep appreciation of nature. This unique and intensive experience gives Mkuyu students a strong competitive edge for employment.


Individual support

We continue to support a number of people outside the park. This has included donations such as training as bird guides, wheelchairs and support for subsistence farmers.

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