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A new book!

Nature Speaks

by Sue Stolberger

This beautiful full colour book is a collection of true stories and insights taken from years of living close to nature. The words and photos are intended to transport the reader into a world far removed from the busy, and often chaotic place that most of us inhabit


Published 2019 | 476 Colour pages | Hardback 

ISBN 9781527236875

Ruaha sketch book cover..jpg

The Ruaha Sketchbook

by Sue Stolberger

Writer and Illustrator

This is a book of delightful moments of the ever-unfolding Ruaha environment that I've managed to capture with my brush. 

Published 2003 | 220 Colour pages | Hardback

ISBN 0-620-29256-3

Ruaha National Park - An Intimate View

by Sue Stolberger

This is a field guide to the common trees, flowers, and small creatures of Southern Tanzania. An Intimate View is an easy to read book on the common trees, flowers, butterflies and insects plus many other topics of interest. Many of these species in this book are found all over Tanzania including Kenya and Zambia.

Published 2012 | 474 Colour pages 

ISBN 978-0-620-52130-7

Ruaha National Park Birds

Annotated Checklist

by Rob Glen

This is an annotated list of the 574 species found in Ruaha National Park. 

The Ruaha Red-billed hornbill and the Ruaha Chat are new species. 

Published 2011 | 105 Pages 

Ruaha National Park Map

Designed and produced by Sue Stolberger

In conjunction with TANAPA

This is an updated map, showing the new Usangu extension to the park. 

Published 2015 

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