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Good news!! May 2nd 2023

On May 2nd I was sent these two photos taken at Ibuguzia bridge.


I am thrilled to see that the river is flowing so strongly, I feel sure that the good rains coupled with the excellent progress made last year in curbing the water usage in the Usangu catchment area is the reason we see so much water in May.


Traditionally before the Usangu dilemma of over abstraction really took hold, If the rainfall was even just average, March was always the month with the highest flow. 


It would generally stop flowing in September when the rice farmers were planting their fields, and start extracting water before the rains.

Which of course is an extremely harmful water management strategy. I will be very interested to see how the flow is this dry season. 

Apologies for not having this update up sooner but I believe many of you saw it via email last year.

Ruaha River Ibuguziwa  October 20 2022 1.JPG
December 2022

Please click the photo on the left

to obtain a full account of the Update .

(taken in October 2022)

I was lucky enough to be in Ruaha in October 2022 and so took the adjacent photo, however, what I saw shocked me to my core. I knew it was bad but this was extreme. It was desperate. 

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